The Thought Of Happiness.

Today was a day of looking around and with deep thought watching men going into the florist and shortly coming out with a bunch of roses its funny you know how many walk at brisk pace, it’s like I didn’t bye these, na i’m not crawling Lol a touch of jealous coming from little old me.. mmm its valentine’s day.

Im seriously thinking, am I happy.

It’s day like these I ask the question it’s all ways the same question on Valentine’s Day.. did you save money today, have you double checked if the restaurant is booked, will I get desert tonight … these have been the same questions for the last 20 years. As I look into my wallet there are advantages but deep down I do mis looking after the lady that I love to be with and loves me, I do mis giving my all for that one special day for that special lady of my life.

Well well i’m not in that position am I.. what a fuck I can be sometimes, I don’t feel sorry for me no I just look and ponder will I ever be in the position were I can look across the table with the quietness in my mind with the smile of happiness knowing I’m happy with in.. that is such good question at 60 Lol very quietly.

Me on a good day Lol

To be happy I mean really happy I believe you have to be happy with in the soul and your mind. with the karma around you of happiness. I decided to sit on a bench and watch couples walk past as they’re shopping , browsing, or have a coffee. Is it taking the Mickey out of them Na how can one judge being on your own for 20 years Lol again quietly, I see couples walk past and think am I at the level of that guy he has a very attractive lady.. knowing it’s what is inside not out but still wondering, I see a lot of smiles the pull in cuddle as they walk with a light laughter, but I look across the cafe most couples are on there phones ( must be texting I love you ) all finger conversation but there happy.

How True

Well another year and valentines day has flown past at a blink again for me it’s thought of thinking with the positive of next year.. Lol getting quieter.. am I happy I think so ! in my way I feel I am but as I’m doing this blog I ask the question with the pause of the fingers on the keys are you happy ? Same answer I think so.


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