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Fresh salad for lunch.

Ok I was asked today.. Did you go to the gym.. No.. Did you go for a ride.. No.. Did you go for a walk.. No.. It was rest day today no gym no bike no walkie, you have to do it at least 2 days a week what I call rest day I’m certanly not training for any thing bar me, so I just cruised and watched what I ate and drank plenty of fluid water around a litre i’m not a big water drinker getting better but some times I have to push only really get into it when’s it cold.

Bacon eggs and avocado. Tea

I went shopping as I all ways do not one for getting a weeks shopping in a day, I get it day by day Lol what I feel like on the day as in today 2 simple meals not much prep and easy to eat and clean up after Lol I really tried to keep it simple and easy, like my nature simple and easy Lol.


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