3 X Off The Best / Deadlift – Squats – Benchpress.

Reading so many articles in sports with strength and conditioning sports science coaches, powerlifting, weightlifter and reporters that have been in the game for entirety believe that those 3 lifts can really structure the body as in strength, power, speed, and to improve health outcomes or to rehabilitate the upper or lower limbs following injury. And there are so many arguments why you should not be doing these programs.


The Squat targets the Quadriceps, glutes, hip adductors inner thighs and calfs – With the bench press there are 3 lifts wide grip, narrow, or medium grip, the bench press targets the pectorals major, lower and upper it also hits your front delta shoulders and triceps – The deadlift is regarded the most impressive of the three because it involves explosive strength and overall power..it works your entire body.

Squat – Comp Lift.

There are so many arguments why you shouldn’t do these three lifts – the benchpress is not good for your shoulders – the squat will damage your knees and back – the deadlift is useless for back mass and isn’t really a full body lift – Ill disagree in some ways iv’e been involved with one particular gym i don’t do powerlifting nor weightlifting or strongman for competitions but i go into train for body strength and personal fitness Muscle Pit is regarded as one off the strongest gym in Perth if not Australia through the 3 years iv’e been there working out or coaching now and then in strength and conditioning, i have witnessed some amazing lifts in comps with the men and women that work out there.. I’ll also admit if you take these sports seriously the rigours training they put them selfs through makes you respect these guys as true athletes in a sport that the human body wasn’t designed for men and women in challenging the strength of steel.

Mental strength – Body strength V Steel.
Stern concentration with every Squat.

They’re 2 sports coaches that i worked with one in the science side of sports Scott and Matt was more strength & conditioning, technique of running for power and speed, but i worked and witnessed athletes turn there times on the track by seconds which is huge in running saw shock put being thrown at 18.3 meters right on the Australian record with a qualification into the AIS for further training maybe to represent the next olympics, AFL – Basketball – Rugby League improve there explosiveness, speed, core strength and body strength through working massive hours in the gym with Deadlift – Benchpress – Squats mixed in with other programs with weights, i learnt so much working with Scotty & Matt with the athletes in the power of weights, mental approach to sports, nutrition and health designed for each sport to succeed at the highest level.

Kettle weights & Medicine balls can be used for front Squats training.

As a sport it is truly a great spectial to watch, the full scholigacel concentration before stepping up to the floor, concentration & pumping the mind as they get into the stance for the lift, the body in movement of the lift or squat followed by the 3 white lights to inform you have just done your personal best – lifting 302 kilos – with the coach watching and filming every lift to work on that little hitch with your technique that might have prevented you from lifting that extra 4 kilos on the bar, it is a great sport to watch in so many ways, men and women from the age of 15 up are really out to do their personal best or beat a record that has been recorded through the world of Powerlifting – Weightlifting – Strongman or Women – Cross-fit, at the moment a guy in England Mountain Bjornsson holds the world record in Elephant Bar Deadlift at 1,041 Pounds Lol How far do these guys go in the power of lifting weights.

Cross-fit training is very explosive and intense training.


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