Ride With Enjoyment.

The River ride excellent pictures.

I got up today early and had a few things to do which is good to be busy than laying thinking what am i doing today, got the yard ready for the lawnmower man cleaned up followed by the big washing every thing got washed HaHaHa every thing Lol.

Decided to go for a good ride, so loaded up the ute with bike, helmet, drinks, most important blue tooth sounds for my ears, were the car goes ill ride with. Excellent (Garvey Park) got there very quiet just took my time on back pack off we go.

The stillness of the air was a really great feeling through the body, it’s only a ride i understand and i know that, but just felt so good inside as if i was to do this particular ride today. As you rode along the path with the guard rail on the right side had the dropof straight into the river looked good. It turned to be a really solid ride as in pushed the legs ranging in high gears with good movement travelling at a good pace full concentration on the ride.

Destination arrival 8.4 Kms

Through this ride in one section you have Ascot Race Course on the left, the summer track looked good being well groomed and the river on the right.. through this section opened it up with the gearing for around 2 kms, got to my point just hat to stand and admire what a stunning day.

The Swan River can give you great pictures.

As i was riding i have come to the conclusion, if you can load your bike on or in the car and then pick a really good destination to full fill a ride, do so it makes it so much more enjoyable. With the most important issue you are working out with your fitness like for me today 16.8 kms, shows me i’m getting fitter, starting to ride at good paces, with the urge to push as with anything, fitness brings good mind and body, in seeing how far the line is in front off you / it’s getting closer to the 20 kms for me. Lol.


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