Remembering My Years 20 To 3o. A Decade I’ll Always Love. As A Part Of My Life.

A lot of people reading this Blog might not relate to this, I’m not saying your dumb but half of you wouldn’t be 30 yet or just in your early 40s but you might have heard the saying of the 60s, 70s, 80s and early 90s were something very unique and it was the changing off the guard by statements that were made with politics, society haven a say on the streets, music changing the world with statements made through rock & roll, punk, soul, blues, heavey metal.. Fashion all over the world blended in with the music you followed in how we dressed how we talked and how we lived our lives, we respected people didn’t take face value on a cover of a person, money was easer to make and went so much further with your way of living, life was good – times were good – and the world was more at piece than it is in today’s living around the world.

For me that was a great part of my life 20 years old, through that decade it was something I will not forget. In the late 70s music was showing it’s full potential with bands such as the ( Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Bob Dylan they were really setting the world alight, Van Morrison brought out his second album, Neil Young did an Australian tour, music was something very special and getting bigger with the creation of political power getting a sniff in. Fashion was made through the music in our talk, dress, behaviour, the way we thought of life and our future I wouldn’t have given it a thought that the world would be were it is with every day in our living with technology, the value of money, were the third world is today, the hatred that is taught to the young in different society’s with killings and the poverty that is through the world in so many countries.

Me at 20 Lol what happened HaHa.

I often laugh at things I did when I was younger, around 15 I was getting into hotels watching bands, all my mates are 5 or 6 years older than me so I would put a pillow under my butt and drive the crew around why they got legless, or I would drive down south to surf all weekend while they drank and chatted away with the music in the back ground most times it was J Giles, Super-tramp, Frank Zappa and the Mothers and towards the end on would come Muddy Watters and the stories off how good the boys could surf HaHa Wankers Lol. When I was 16 I put my age up to 18 got a job as a glassey and then barman, a bit off door work, time I was 18 I was training to be a Bar Manager.. I worked for a gentlemen by the name of Abe Saffron who at the time was one off the biggest Hotel syndicates in Perth with the biggest hotels and entertainment through the 70s to late 90s, I must admit he wasn’t really happy on my 18th but he got over it, promoted me to Hotel Manager at the age of 20 I was the youngest in the industry and loved the work and the challenge that come with it.

Dad and me early 20s – L To R – Playing rugby league for Sawtell- Grew the beard to look mean and tough on the field – Wade the first of our two.

Well time I was into my 20s I grew up really quick with the responsibility of a multi million dollar business 220 staff and any thing up to 1500+ patrons a night through the restaurant and 4 bars. We had the best bands in Australia playing through out the year, topples waitress, strippers, comedians, Magicians and Cabarets up stairs in the river room it certainly was a full on Position I matured so quick and learnt and saw things that most people wouldn’t have seen by today but with that id say I turned out a pretty good fella through it.

Abe had hotels on the east coast so we packed up and went over to manage small country hotels on our way through we managed La-Girls at Kings Cross for 12 months then went to Coffs Harbour into the Tormina hotel as night managers that suited us to the tea I could surf through out the day and play Rugby League on weekends, I grew a beard so I looked tougher and meaner on the field Lol – didn’t work it made the opposition hit me harder HaHa.

The great thing through all of this I learned to respect all nationalities and people of all ages, I looked at life around me in a different manner, I understood the human side of drug addicts, alcoholics, hard times and good times, all walks of life with the working man labours to business men and the rich and poor, I believe that period of time helped me in situations that weren’t good helped me get through them a bit stronger with divorce bring up the kids on my own, I struggle today with different things in my life but I do feel its that decade that in some way has helped me get through this decade’s of life were it is for me today in my Life.

31 off with the beard back to little soft me. Lol


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