The Argument of Football.

When I was a young fellow being brought up we had a hand full of sports to play and compete in. / Australian rules football / Cricket / Swimming / Basketball / Soccer / Boxing / and for me Surfing.

One of the teams I coached in the Colts comp in the black and red (Bombers)

How it was said as codes in football / AFL was football / RL.. was Rugby League / RU ..was Rugby Union / Soccer was Soccer Lol / The main game was AFL that was called football as the years went a long for some reason it got turned around AFL is known as AFL or Aussie Rules .. Soccer is called Football or world Football, I don’t mind watching some of the big games as FA Cup, European Cup and the World Cup, I think the part that disappoints me with the game is the Academy rolls on the ground, but there getting harder with penalties in the games.. a couple of players tried that a few years ago in AFL with a harsh fine of $5000.00 dollars each, it was cut out in seconds don’t see it any more which is good for the game and spectators.

A really good age to coach under 20s colts.

In today’s sports with society is all football codes are being played by good numbers in juniors, seniors, men, women with boys and girls starting around 5 years old with most codes I know AFL and Soccer are especially big with the little ones and parents. I would say in Australia the strongest code is certainly Aussie rules AFL.. Soccer has gone leaps and bounds since we did reasonably well in the last few World Cups.. On the East Coast of Australia.. Sydney – Queensland massive in NRL Rugby League & RU Rugby Union with those 3 codes of football they are played wold wide… Australian rules mainly just in Australia, it’s played in all states of Australia pulling in massive crowds to the games.

I believe it’s certainly a great game and a great spectacle to watch, it’s played a ferouis pace, with spectacular arial marks and big body hits with some of the best goals in any sport seen with an oval shape football. I might sound one sided but to be honest I was brought up on the game and have loved it all these years, I also have to say its getting better and better every year with the athleticism of the players, speed and the skills have just gone to another level.

I put it down to the rules being adjusted every season and what’s been brought into the game with .. science coaches, strength coaches, weight coaches, nutrition coaches, mental coaches and so on in saying that it’s a credit to all codes of sports how far they have gone and were there still going in the art of pushing the human body too its limits, with the one thing with society is the love off all codes of football world wide, Aussie Rules is certainly the best Lol.


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