Mum & The Chilli Garden.

My daughter and mum haven a coffee on mums day..

Mum turned 81 today and still going very strong, loves the gym, circuit boxing , walking and rowing even goes to the park with a personal trainer on Thursday nights..very health conscious and fit ..loves gardening and keeping the house and yard very clean, likes going out and about every now and then..Dad is doing really well in life he is 91 and still very healthy…we say it mums cooking and the way she looks after him, they are such good parents very proud off them.


This is such a good veggie patch only half off it but I particular like this side of the garden, with several different chilli plants ranging from warm to volcano hot Lol… but the colours and different shapes intrigue me some off the chilly’s are a bit bigger than a 5 cent piece and yet would make an elephant drink the Nile River dry, mum uses them with most of her cooking but does it with a touch were the meal is just tangy or spicy, the classics are her stuffed peppers and capsicums, lasagna that is amazing any off the pasta dishes are Haha its blogs like these I wish I was home Lol..

The fresh garden salads that go super with shark, or snapper mmm I could go on all night, my mates say to me you love your food.. easy answer / its how I was brought up around excellent and divine food very lucky as a young fellow.

I can see a lot of meals with a touch of chilly.


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