Sea Food On The Menu.

Love the smell of fresh sea food.

I went to the local shopping centre yesterday which in saying is massive saves you going into the city or like me why should we when every thing is here. Ok i could smell the fresh sea food as soon as i walked into the centre.. excellent .. the presentation was excellent and some really nice fish, crabs, oysters, prawns, squid, mussels and every thing else that goes with sea food. The only small problem i found was the pricing Wow lets get a little bit real in life..seriously i was disappointed to say so just way out of my range and i’m not paying 13 dollars for 1 piece of fish.. so i headed off to another one did very well to do tea for tonight.

I’m doing 2 pieces of Snapper and half a dozen king prawn’s .. did them in fish seasoning, garlic, dash a lemon squeezed with finely chopped up chilly with salad. Its a meal i could eat most night the only problem is the pricing off sea food, you have to really shop around, id say when i get some work ill go back down to the wharfs and by it straight off the boat.. until then i’m going to enjoy tonights meal mmmmm love sea food.


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