That one word created so much feed back yesterday, but also very positive from every one involved, it was a very good article written by Anjali. I thought about it last night were i am with perfection and the way i can look at myself with the meaning of this word, how do i rate myself, how do people look at me, and is there a chance of getting to Perfection.

Im Me.

Its a word that people take with great meaning in themselves and with people we work with, Family, Friends, Business associate’s, play sports with or just sitting in a crowded area jugging people as they walk by, what ever way as it showed a very conversational article.

I look at myself as a person.. and the way i see my style through the way i live am i a perfectionist. Lol so far way from it / not that i don’t try to be good, or excellent in my behaviour of living, i just have a personalty and a belief that people will take me For who i am and What i am.. With saying this do i change my ways and style to be some one so that people love me, if i do i call that false i’m betraying myself to be some one else to be loved by society, friends, & family… I have got through the last 60 years being me just me, does it mean i’m sloppy the way i look at my appearance and living, how i approach people, business friends, and so on, what i do look at were i work hard on the mistakes iv’e got or made to fix them so they don’t reoccur again & again.

Over the years i know that i had to revaluate my personalty and approach to people, through this i call it fine tuning Lol. My appearance..yes right at the moment i’m on the Keto Diet exercising regular, am i’m doing it to please every one, no it’s because what i see in the mirror i literally hate and i understand if i want to live another 30 years of my life.. I need to look after it and tune it.

Im very clean in my personal high gene and around the house.. all ways like every thing done now not then.. example if we finish tea load the dishwasher now clean up bench ect ect and its done.. like to be organised with every thing i do.. very punctual with time to every thing.. pre-plan my days, nights, meetings, training sessions.. I certainly don’t judge a person by the cover.. I like to be neat and tidy in myself.. i’m very helpful, caring, if you make a friend with me you have a friend for life.. and love to have a good laugh.. Through all of this i’m happy with me but also understand i can keep working on me in so may ways.. i believe i’m a very good person and i know i’m looked at it in that way, as for being perfect Lol na far from it but i’m happy for who i am and what i am and thats just me.



3 Replies to “Perfection”

  1. Nice post, thank you for mentioning me. Perfection means a person has such qualities that they represent a perfect example of something so unique to them that they an example of that unique quality. And I feel we all are perfect in some or other way as we all are different. You are perfect; I am perfect in unique way with different qualities. However, when it comes to over-all personality then no one among is perfect and world is beautiful with this imperfection. If everyone of us will be perfect, then this world will become a little boring place.πŸ‘πŸ˜‡


    1. Thank u Anjali for your complement and well said, al i was saying how i felt with myself..and true if the world was perfect it would certainly be very boring place to live. Lol


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