Good Session

Kettle bell Movement.

I like the opportunity to train first thing in the morning especially when its going to be 39 degrees in Australia that is hot i mean uncomfortable hot, well it is at my age Lol. The first thing on the agenda at 5am is a quick coffee not the ideal preparation but also not training for any particular sport just my health.. then shot off for a 3o minute ride not a long one but very demanding a lot of hills and need to work hard ( poor little legs ) Lol. After a good shower had my shake and then off to the gym.. today worked on kettle bell movements..there are so many exercises that you can do with kettle bells especially for upper body..i worked on the American squat swing and the Russian squat swing.. started on the 12kilos off 5 sets off 15 for both and then the 16kilos off 5 sets off 10..followed by bench press 60kilos 5 sets off 8 finish with stretching and session completed, id say the session was around 5o minutes with that id like to point out you do not have to do 2 hour sessions in the gym if you pick the right exercises and work hard with stretching and cooling down an hour is a great fitness session.

Id like to point out if your starting out in the gym for body fitness, small steps don’t go in and hammer the weights for hours, just start with light weights and 40 minute sessions with stretching to start and cool down when finish and the need to slowly build up your training routine is important as we don’t want injuries and hate it’s to hard (train smart)then the following week a bit more at a time change your programs 1 day work on upper body next day legs next day full change your routine for different parts of your body Legs..Middle..Upper, remember your body won’t change in 1 day.


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