My Story

I’m just the average guy who lives in a brilliant and quiet suburban area off Perth in Western Australia… I lived around Perth most off my life, but all so lived in Torque – Victoria, Sawtell N.S.W, Mandurah W.A & Denmark W.A on the coastal side with most places besides were we are now is out off Perth a Few Ks but like a little country town in Helena Valley.

I come from a biggish sort off family – 4 kids mum & dad compared too todays families of 2 kids mum & dad is the average size off families, very rare do you see the big ones now it’s hard for the survival side off living I think most cant afford a lot of kids these days.

I went to primary and high school to year 10, started an apprenticeship dropped out made more money being a labour and it wasn’t pushed with getting a trade those days as long as you were earning money every one was happy… As life went on in my teens put my age up three years got a job as a glass collector in the hotels then barman, bottle shop attended, barmanger and then manger, did that for a few years, from there Gardner and part time photographer in sports, to a sports coach Haha did a few things and now on Civil Construction Lol Jack off all trades.

Through out life played a lot of sports surfing and AFL were my main ones, settled down in my early twenties with Maree had two great kids a boy and a girl there’s our family. As some good relationships do we divorced when I was 40 odd, the kids stayed with me, experienced the life as a single parent different very different but if any thing it was worth every bit off it.

Now in life in my mid sixties life has been a journey and one with up’s an down’s but one that I have loved in so many ways, my kids are in there thirties and I have two grandkids and that it self is another world but one thats a new adventure. The great thing with life it’s an adventure off great days, good days, bad ones and the odd one we’re you don’t want to be here but there is so much with the life we live and we create this journey as we live life to the best we can.

I love to write and talk about life as I see it and the experiences I have had through 64 years of up’s and down’s but it’s been pretty good, id like to think I’ll live anther 20 to 30 more and grow with my kids and grandkids through there lives, lets see what happens Lol on the Journey Through Life.



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