My Story

In case your wondering i’m writing this again as wasn’t happy with the Blog i had just previously done but that’s all good.

It’s me all me Lol.

Im excited in one way as i get to share my life of experience in sports, health and nutrition, do i believe that i’m an expert with it no not really what i do have is over 50 years of knowledge experience with sports training, the highs and lows that go with it…i also have one off those body’s that smell a pizza from a hundred yards away and put on a kilo Lol so i spread and thin all the time if i get lazy or make excuses with watching my health daily, and i believe it’s the age thing..HaHaHa excuses o well part of life as a human.

In my early 30s Pre-season Training for AFL.

My achievements in sports.. ( started Australian Rules Football at the age off 8 – started competitive swimming around 12 represented WA in the state team around 14,15,16 years old – Played Baseball again got in the state team for under 16s, 17s, and 18s..did boxing for fitness for quiet a few years, found the love off surfing, so i decided to play AFL in season and surfed all year around. I played my last game of AFL at 42 years of age we played a Grand Final lost by 2 points but the body could not keep up with the rigours training sessions followed by games on Sunday.. So i started coaching before i retired had a few years with doing that and have carried it on for the last 25 years. I also decided to better my self in a passion that i have loved for so many years, went back to Uni got my diploma in Sports – Nutrition – Psychology – Strength and Conditioning level 1 & 2 – High Performance Coach level 1 & 2 – Development Coach Level 1 & 2 – I also did courses with the technique of running and weight lifting … by leasing a gym and athletic track i coached elite athletes in there sports on the off season and Pre-season before the competitions started loved it.

Saturday morning session at the gym with some of the athletes.

Id like to share my experiences and knowledge of my life in sports and weight programs, health & fitness – i certainly believe i have so much to offer, with this some will be right some will make you think and query some will be off your target and philosophy’s.. But thats good it’s a great way of learning, ask questions might not have the right answers, share your triumph’s in sports or the loss of incredible amount of weight 40.kilos.. Tell me what works and might not work for you and how you achieved your goals & dreams, and what your targets are now…I believe the way you learn is – Listen and read – out off a 10 minute conversation with a person at the game or gym you will walk away with 1 small or large point that you just learnt..Looking forward to the Journey with you and enjoying another part of me to learn from people all over the world.


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