Looking Forward to The Program.

Some of the crew when I was coaching in the gym, the 2 young girls are due any day now excellent great people.

Over the last few weeks I’ve often thought about this program and were you could take WordPress, so I have looked around read a lot off blogs and short stories all so spoke to an engineer about the prospects with the business side. I’ve bee involved with sports all my life through playing and coaching for over 50 years.. with the coaching side around 20 years now. Through this went back to Uni at 50 years off age to get a diploma in ( sports development, sports nutrition & sports psychology ) started my own business in sports and nutrition part time through this I leased a gym and athletic track this program went really well for over 2 years built up some great clients in AFL, Basketball, Rugby, soccer, Track and field and fitness. Most of them were seasonal were they would come to us over off season and pre-season which was good kept me busy for 10 months of the year, I had 2 off the best sports science coaches working with me and some very good strength and conditioning and weight coaches with yoga and a nutrition coach which blended in well with the program.

I promoted & advertised all the time with posters and short films..worked really well.

Every year we were picking up more client-tell on a regular base, then I was diagnosed with a ( Bone Fragment Tuma ) lost my full time position and deep depression took hold of me, mentally could not do any more. The Tuma is in a good place and mentally i’m not to bad besides not finding work, so I have payed the extra and will put together my web-page over the next few days and offer a fitness and nutrition program, were I can set up your programs and help with the nutrition side for those who would like to get fitter for their sporting program they play or just being a lot fitter in life.

This lady was in her mid 50s what a power house when it come to training, she was a coaches dream take every challenge put in front of her and more.

One of the things I have missed is being able to help clients off all ages men and women , boys or girls achieve there goals and were they wanted to be in life with their fitness and body. It is something very special when you work with a client watching them going forward all the time, the great thing is I have the chance to go forward in my life with the passion and desire I have to succeed with my clients and myself.. I am looking forward to another great chapter to my life.


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