The Dream Of The Smile Is Shattered.

The thing i’m missing in life the smile
of happiness.

You have one thing in life that would mean so much in life. Well if you knew me I have a lot of teeth missing have done for around 15 years, people don’t know any different with me. Im me haven’t changed except its me Lol..but then it happened my mother whom is a great lady and been a great mum to all of us and even at my age she still is and worries about all off us all the time. The phone call off hope she rang me to tell me great news, and it was exciting I found a dentist through the government program were I can get teeth yes teeth I can smile yes teeth, why was I was so excited 75% off the price which took it down to around $500.00 which is great for me..don’t how I get the money but it was worth fighting to work it out Lol..


I went to the dentist got an appraisal all good…but there is a but… you can have new teeth we will do an impression..just give you a date yes I have one how would 05/04/2021 be for you..well I nearly fell out of the chair..and with that taught the dentist some new words in the English language..Fuck I could be fucking dead by then are you serious or are you taking the piss out off me..he looks at me with a very serious look of excuse me but that’s the date I have free to do your teeth 05/04/2021..fuck ok.. I know one might not understand and especially the dentist I have dreamed off smiling with a smile that people are contagious with happiness for years and I no I would have to fight of women all the time ahahahah yea there’s that dream again Lol…that particular dream was smashed again…O well back to me which is good I like me but would have like to seen the new me.

Don’t worry mate teeth of smile will come.



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