Back To School..Tomorrow.

My Little Buddy.

Well tomorrow is the big day for my little buddy back to school for Kaiden, is he looking forward too it Hahaha id say no he has had such a great Christmas Holiday. Kaiden has been away down south at a really great resort on the ocean for two weeks, swimming, riding, movies, skate park, fishing and much more. Comes back to the city to another hotel for a week swimming and just enjoying being relaxed, from there back to home, dads back at work and Kaiden full on being to 7 different movies, bounce castle, indoor sky diving, indoor go karting, zoo, beach, fishing, crab-in and riding every day in the morning and evening.

I enjoy every minute with this little guy.

The great thing with Kaiden he really does appreciate it with his manner of making sure that he thanks you for the day out, I know I sound like a one eyed grandad but he is such great company to be with his maturity is so far ahead for a eight year old it’s like being with a stable teenager. Kaiden chats a lot asks a lot of questions explains things in such a diplomatic way and all ways thinking, I don’t know what it is I love my son and daughter and are all ways there for them as a dad and their mate..but Kaiden wow that kid has got his pop wrapped around his finger I tell ya, but I love it wouldn’t have it any other way Lol. I said to my daughter today I’m going to mis Kaiden going back to school, and I know he dose not want to go himself Hahaha… he will be so happy to catch up with his little mates he really does enjoy school but he also enjoys his holidays Lol.


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