Boxing Is A Live & Well In Perth.

Boxing is spreading through Perth in such a good way from all ages nationality’s boys and girls teens to 40 year old, which is so good better than the crack that is going through the streets like wild fire. It’s so good that sports is going strong in so many ways with a lot of this young generation coming through our society.

James the coach with this gym works hard with all his boxers, at the moment he has a round 30 immediate which fight regular for contenders with state titles, golden gloves and medals..then around 20 advanced that are coming through the ranks or stages of boxing..and about 15 beginners filled through a group of 30 just for fitness. His passion for the sport is so contagious but in a good way, he understand the needs and sacrifices need to establish at a high level to be noticed in amateurs. What i like is they belt each other for 3 to 6 rounds for 3 minutes with finishing off at the end with a genuine hug and well done win or loose.

Very good fight both boxers light and agile with good body movement followed bye some sting connections.

Im so glad Iv’e moved around the gyms, powerlifting, boxing and my coaching starts Tuesday with AFL, what I’m seeing the growth of these sports and so many more fields of sports, that the kids can turn into great teens, teens into great adults and the adults to great people..but with that it teaches mental strength, learn how to win and loose, preparing the body for every fight or every lift off steel, supporting each other with each contest, learning to work with a team of support around you…But i think more than anything sports is a way of learning with your life, the life of others and how lucky we are to be able to be involved with the choice of your sports and learning so many good things with life that goes with it.


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