Me Myself & I.

To day was a funny sort of one at that.. and one I’m still trying to understand, but in saying that I have them often – well lately I do. I ask the question do I hurt my self through doing it or do I hurt any one else..I don’t think I do as I don’t yell rant or rave, I don’t pick or look to have a confutation with any one. I just like being with me myself and I just keep to my self..I look at it as a way of looking at my self – were I am – we’re I’m going – what the future holds – and the art of staying positive.

I started the day off with my little mate Kaiden going for a ride, we chatted a bit, I was more on getting my rhythm and breath so fit (mmm sarcasm). Had breakfast with my son wade we didn’t chat much I get the impression the kids get the vibe I don’t want to talk much on those days so they leave me alone only ask when they have to, which is funny with my daughter usually when she see’s an open she pronounces but lately she understands more off dad now. The areas that aren’t to far away you can go for a coffee and then into the movies as i did have a coffee and piece of cake and went in to watch (Glass) funny sort of movie when you feel a bit down mmm never mind. It’s funny you know that 4 hours on my own was ok..did I get any further – did I solve some off my puzzles – did I understand myself for the better, did I enjoy the movie and coffee (yes I did) – id say with these questions and many more.. id say not really but again being on my own didn’t hurt me or any body else, its just away i’m trying to learn and understand me on the directions i’m going for the better, the key to this ( i’m very positive ) for the better.


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