Music Can Be The Key To Life

Music can be such a key to life in so many ways..i love so many variations of music from Rhythm & Blues, Rock and Roll, Heavy Rock, Jazz, R&B, Classical, some Country and Opera, Reggae and World Music. All this can blend in with the mood i feel or if i’m on the computer, working in the gardens, i have all so listend while training and coaching, through this my tempo can go up or down, for what ever i use my music for, it can help in so many ways of my life.

To day i have taken my library to roughly 24,000 songs i spent the afternoon loading albums and podcast’s from Europe and USA i find they are some of the greatest collection of radio stations that play a lot of my music that i have chased up to get, as there are bands that have a truck load of talent and just not in the promo side of Australian Radio, or our music stores. Music can change the world with the way we dress in fashion, the way we present ourselves, your in crowd and friends, dance styles that can change with new styles and the beat of the music.

The days of record stores or shops are just about dinosaurs there is certainly not to many around the city of Perth, through the coming of the internet, i’m certainly one for down loading music better for storage and cheaper in so many ways and can select in the my comfort while listening to music. Music can be used for dinning out, parties, just haven a few drinks with your mates, reading, walking or running, those romantic nights with your partner and to the rhythm the way you feel at that time, for what ever reason its one thing that who ever you are what part of the world you live in music in some way has ventured into your life.


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